Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

WooCommerce sites are built on top of WordPress – free open-source and number 1 Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Deploying your ecommerce site on commodity hosting offers the most cost effective alternative to online channel.

No Hidden Surprises

There are many hosted/platform solutions available commercially with a teasingly low monthly charges. However, read the fine print and you would often find various incidental charges – from additional payment fees, to escalating fees for add-ons. With your own e-commerce site based on open source software, and the most active developer community, not only would you gain from the competitive pricing, but also a more secured site given the high adoption and use.

Unlimited Everything

There are no license or application limitations – be it products, transactions, customer records, anything. By owning your the software and infrastructure you are in complete control, as well as not susceptible to changing anti-competitive marketplace policies.

No Vendor Lock-in

And finally, a WooCommerce based e-commerce site gives you complete freedom to migrate your site to different platform if you are not satisfied for whatever reasons. At a click of mouse download all your product, customer, and order data in an excel worksheet or a CSV file to import to your platform of choice. Being the most popular e-commerce soluton all comtemporary alternative solution offer an easy migration path from WooCommerce.

Premium Add-Ons

About a quarter of all e-commerce transactions were processed on sites built with WooCommerce. Given its pervasive adoption, there are thriving marketplaces offering tailor-made solutions at a much attractive prices. Equally appealing is the abundant availability of WooCommerce & WordPress developers & designers to help built any functionality desired to present your most effective digital brand.

Widely Supported Hosting

WordPress is built on the most widely supported platform ie. PHP as the scripting language, Apache or Nginx as a choice of Web Server, and MySQL (or MariaDB) for Database. Not only are these software technologies supported by all contemporary hosting, safe and robutst, but they are also un-encumbered by licensing restrictions. This is one of the significant reason for lower TCO.